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Track resurfacing machines play a vital role in the maintenance of all rail networks to ensure the safe travel of passenger and freight services. Regular tamping of the track will prevent issues like track misalignment, uneven wear, and deterioration, which can lead to derailments and service disruptions if left unaddressed.

Tamping is used to restore the geometry of railway track distorted by train traffic over time. During the Tamping process, large tools/tines are driven into the ballast and drawn together whilst vibrating to fluidise the ballast and consolidate it beneath each sleeper. At the same time, hydraulic jacks lift and align the rails to ensure they are in optimal condition for safe and efficient train operations. Regulators are used to correct the track’s ballast profile by redistributing ballast to the right areas of the ballast bed to give the track lateral stability. The even bed of stone prevents the track from moving when under the load of a train.

Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA)</a > offers a diverse range of rail maintenance machines to suit any resurfacing works being undertaken in the rail network including: 

  • 09-3XD – High Production Plan Line Tamper fitted with Dynamic Track Stabiliser (DTS)
  • 09-3X – High Production Plan Line Tamper
  • 08-275 Unimat – Switch and Crossing Tamper
  • SSP303 – High Production Ballast Regulator fitted with hopper and ALC Ballast Profile Scanner
  • SSP303 – High Production Ballast Regulator fitted with hopper
  • SSP302 – High Production Ballast Regulator

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A holistic approach to rail resurfacing

The SRA approach to rail resurfacing involves five key elements:

1. Inspection:

The first step in rail tamping is a thorough inspection of the railway tracks. Our team carefully examines the condition of the track, looking for irregularities, deformities and any signs of wear.

2. Measurement:

Precise measurements are taken to assess the alignment and gauge of the tracks. These measurements help identify any deviations from the ideal track geometry.


Once the inspection and measurements are complete, maintenance crews use our specialised plant and equipment to correct any issues detected. Tamping machines are designed to lift and align the rails and sleepers (the cross ties that support the rails). The Tampers also consolidate the ballast (aggregate underneath the tracks) to provide drainage and strength for heavy loads carried by trains.

4. Resurfacing:

In some cases, rail tampering may involve resurfacing the tracks. This can include grinding the rail profiles to eliminate irregularities and imperfections, resulting in smoother and more even rails. This process helps reduce noise, vibration and wear on both the tracks and train wheels.

5. Maintenance records:

Throughout the rail tampering process, detailed records are kept to track the work performed, any adjustments made, and the condition of the tracks before and after maintenance.

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09-3X Dynamic Tamping Machine

Our 09-3X is a heavy-duty, high speed, continuous action production, track tamping and stabilising machine. Fitted with dynamic track stabilisation for rapid and controlled 3D consolidation of the track, functions of the machine include leveling, lining and 3-sleeper tamping.

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09-3X Tamping Machine

Designed for the maintenance of high-density lines, the 09-3X's functions include leveling, lining and 3-sleeper tamping.

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Unimat 08-275/3S Tamping Machine

The Unimat 08-275/3S is a cyclic action single-sleeper leveling, lifting, lining and tamping machine with three-rail lifting for plain track and turnouts.

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SSP 303 Ballast Regulator

The SSP 303 is a high-performance ballast regulating and profiling machine. The machine is fitted with a heavy duty cruciform main plough. The shoulder ploughs are mounted immediately in front of the cruciform main plough to facilitate the flow of ballast from the shoulders and into the main plough for distribution along the track.

SRA SSP 303 Ballastcleaner

Trimble GEDO CE Geodetical System

We use the Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track survey trolley for pre and post tamp measurement. The trolley records continuous position and geometry measurements every 0.5m, allowing real-time comparison to design. It also delivers onsite data processing directly to the resurfacing plant and is able to measure multiple gauges with absolute positional accuracy.

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Managing Director, Anne Modderno

“Just like our approach to ballast cleaning, within our resurfacing services we are focused on delivering a result that provides better than expected outcomes.” 

Anne Modderno