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Swietelsky Rail Australia

We’re committed to changing the face of the rail industry in Australia

At the centre of the Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) approach is an unwavering commitment to being a dependable partner in the industry.

Our success is underpinned by a dedicated team and cutting-edge equipment, both of which are instrumental in consistently delivering reliable results for our valued clients.

As a subsidiary of the renowned international, Swietelsky, we draw upon over eight decades of invaluable expertise in delivering successful outcomes. This global heritage, coupled with the deep local knowledge of our team, positions SRA as a leading provider of specialised track maintenance services.

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Swietelsky Rail Australia

Our Rail Services

"We pride ourselves on creating a workplace environment where all staff feel safe and supported. So, for that to be recognised on a level like this is simply incredible.”

Anne Modderno, Managing Director, reflecting on SRA's recent HSA wins.

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We provide the perfect blend of a highly experienced team, boasting decades of expertise in enhancing track maintenance services, coupled with our top-tier plant and equipment.

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Current Projects

Ballast Cleaning and Drainage, ARTC Hunter Valley

Fundamental to the reliability of the rail network is a free draining ballast bed and effective drainage within the corridor. The ARTC Hunter Valley corridor maintenance strategy includes provision...

Ballast Cleaning
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Current Projects

Glencore Track Maintenance

Glencore's Hunter Valley Operations is a large-scale open cut operation that produces some of the highest quality thermal and semi-soft metallurgical coal in the world. The need to maintain its rai...

Resurfacing, Rail & Civil Maintenance
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Current Projects

Rerailing using Flash Butt Welding, ARTC Hunter Valley

The ARTC Hunter Valley corridor capacity strategy includes an ongoing rerailing program essential to ensure that the rail has adequate structural capacity to carry specified axle loads and to reduc...

Flash Butt Welding
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Our people take care of our business, so we take care of our people. At SRA we value family first, always; and Swietelsky family second, always. Our work culture is built on principles of empowerment, mutual respect, and trust within a safe and secure environment. These values are not just buzzwords; they are deeply ingrained in our processes and part of our daily routine.



In alignment to our first and foremost value of Family, SRA is a certified Family Inclusive Workplace.

Family Friendly Workplaces Australia certification recognises organisations for their proactive efforts to support employees to align their work, caring and wellbeing needs.

  • Investing in growth
  • Safety is paramount
  • Culture of collaboration
  • Community support
  • Sustainability matters
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Careers with Swietelsky Rail Australia

Time for a role change?

When you become a part of the Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) team, you're aligning yourself with an organisation that truly lives up to its promises.

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The SRA ESG approach

Planning for a future for all


An environment for the future

The SRA ESG vision is to be a reliable industry partner, whilst actively demonstrating sustainability, with an eye on future innovative rail maintenance and construction activities.

Fairness: A fair and equitable company

Fairness is a key consideration across our operations. We are dedicated to creating a company that is not only fair and equitable but also focused on continuously improving our ESG performance. We believe that a commitment to fairness is essential to building trust with our clients, employees and stakeholders.

Innovation: Driving innovation and improvements

Innovation is in our DNA. We are more than just a rail maintenance company; we are a partner for the future. Our relentless pursuit of innovation drives improvements in our services, technologies and processes. By collaborating with us, you're choosing a partner who is always looking ahead, ready to meet the evolving needs of Australia's rail industry.

Ecology: Resource and climate friendly operations

Australia's natural beauty is a treasure; one we are committed to preserving. Our ecological focus centres on resource and climate-friendly operational activities. Through sustainable practices, green procurement and eco-friendly technologies, we continuously work to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cultivating a sustainable and engaged workforce and community

Our success hinges on the dedication and motivation of our team. We take pride in being a desirable employer by offering rewarding opportunities for growth and development. Our motivated and valued team is the driving force behind our achievements, and their interactions within our organisation and with our clients are marked by professionalism and respect.

Swietelsky Rail Australia Certifications and Accreditations


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) ONRSR Accreditation

Certified Family Inclusive Workplace.

Industry Partnerships & Affiliations


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