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Ballast Cleaning

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Rail Services


Track resurfacing machines play a vital role in the maintenance of all rail networks to ensure the safe travel of passenger and freight services. Regular tamping of the track will prevent issues like track misalignment, uneven wear, and deterioration, which can lead to derailments and service disruptions if left unaddressed.

Tamping is used to restore the geometry of railway track distorted by train traffic over time. During the Tamping process, large tools/tines are driven into the ballast and drawn together whilst vibrating to fluidise the ballast and consolidate it beneath each sleeper. At the same time, hydraulic jacks lift and align the rails to ensure they are in optimal condition for safe and efficient train operations. Regulators are used to correct the track’s ballast profile by redistributing ballast to the right areas of the ballast bed to give the track lateral stability. The even bed of stone prevents the track from moving when under the load of a train.

Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA)</a > offers a diverse range of rail maintenance machines to suit any resurfacing works being undertaken in the rail network including: 

  • 09-3XD – High Production Plan Line Tamper fitted with Dynamic Track Stabiliser (DTS)
  • 09-3X – High Production Plan Line Tamper
  • 08-275 Unimat – Switch and Crossing Tamper
  • SSP303 – High Production Ballast Regulator fitted with hopper and ALC Ballast Profile Scanner
  • SSP303 – High Production Ballast Regulator fitted with hopper
  • SSP302 – High Production Ballast Regulator

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Rail Services

Flash Butt Welding

The preferred choice for creating strong and reliable rail joints in the Australian railway industry - where durability and longevity are essential.

Flash butt welding offers several significant benefits, understandably making it a preferred method for joining rails in the railway industry.

In line with our best practice approach to service delivery, we have proven flash butt welding capability and a full range of equipment including three flash butt welding units, two mobile units (Holland DX170RW) and one static unit (Holland H-1000).

The units are designed with the ability to drag and position long lengths of rail, while being able to weld strings up to 400 meters. The welding heads are designed specifically for closure welding and have the capability to shear the upset and flash weld while maintaining constant tension on the rails.

We offer an experienced team focused on ensuring SRA remains a reliable and preferred contractor within the rail industry. We've developed our fleet and team capabilities to ensure we continue to provide the equipment and expertise our clients need, no matter your complex requirements.

“We have designed and fabricated a tri-gauge trolley for our static unit, giving us the flexibility to use this piece of equipment throughout Australia's entire rail network,” Director Technical and Risk, Gary Holden.

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Rail Services

Rail & Civil Maintenance

Reliability in fence-to-fence rail maintenance services

Consistent and timely rail maintenance services can become difficult to achieve when working with a range of partners, which is where a fence-to-fence partnership really shows its value.

Whilst Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) is well-known for our ballast cleaning and associated services , we have also established a reputation for our track works maintenance and rail civil works maintenance.

Combined with the expertise of our skilled team, our sophisticated plant and equipment gives us the capabilities to undertake track inspections, de-vegetation, condition reports, quality assurance and more. By undertaking it as an integrated project, our clients see better value for money, as well as quality outcomes.

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