Rail Safety Week: Swietelsky stands by program

Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) is supporting the TrackSafe Foundation’s Rail Safety Week initiative to educate and inform city and regional communities about the safety risks around trains.

SRA managing director Anne Modderno said work locomotives – like passenger and freight trains – can’t swerve or immediately stop.

“We stand with TrackSafe Foundation and the 100+ organisations banding together to raise awareness about the dangers around trains and to expect the unexpected,” she said.

“Fatalities, incidents and near hits on the network can cause severe and lasting trauma to not only the family and friends impacted, but the rail employees involved. Most of these incidents can be avoided.

“Swietelsky Rail is committed to the safe delivery of our projects. Safety for our teams, subcontractors, clients and community.

“Our biggest interface with the community is around level crossings.

“Our project team is meticulous in their approach to control safety of community around our worksites. The team explores all options to allow community members access, such as specifying specific times a crossing will be open, or ensuring they can position a car on the other side of an access point, and we can get them safely over on foot.”

Watch the SRA Rail Safety Week video to learn more.